High Standard ten thousand grade dust-free workshop can manufacture over 1 million KN95 masks per day.
Global quality criteria

Having National standard GB2626-2006 and CE certificate

Strong R&D ability

R&D Team consisted of by International Elites, medical grade lab and devices
Supplying safe and reliable protective products for humanity health
Binhao medical technology Provides qualified products and diversified service for medical institutes with strict working attitude, qualified product quality and cutting edge technology and systematically and comprehensively serve medical ends and anti-epidemic people.
10 Thousand Grade Dust-free KN95 Mask Workshop

Binhao Medical Technology owns Dust-free workshop of 5000 square meters, 20 KN95 production lines and production capacity of 1 million masks. We have advanced mask and sheet test devices, a complete process of quality management, strictly carrying out national production standards to maintain the quality.
Melt-blowing fabric manufacture

Benchmarking world-top melt-blowing manufacture techniques and devices Binhao melt-blowing fabric technology breakthroughs technological difficulty in melt-blowing fabric making, guaranteeing its life cycle of usage and storage and lower its inhale assistance.
Medical and personal protective products

Binhao Medical Technology and our business partners concern too much about safety and health, always making efforts to offer good quality products and remarkable customer service and keeping improving technology to better serve medical ends and personal protection.
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